CRA2030’s Alliance of Peak bodies is working to finalise its Shared Agenda for climate action in early February 2023. The Alliance’s 2022 roundtable discussions revealed shared challenges around four themes: enabling policy, capacity building, accelerating decarbonisation, and adaptive resilience. Within these themes, thirty-four potential areas for collective action have been identified. These findings have been consolidated and discussions are underway with all Alliance partners as we work towards shaping the Shared Agenda together, for endorsement at the upcoming February Roundtable.  

The upcoming Roundtable discussion in February 2023 signposts an important juncture for CRA2030, as the Shared Agenda will be agreed, and the Alliance will choose its Priority Projects for 2023, ramping up tangible climate action.  

Delivery of the Shared Agenda will trigger the next stage of the program and the Alliance will select its first Priority Projects. These will be delivered collaboratively, shaping the economy, society, and environment for future success.  February/March will see the establishment of project proposals and working groups for each of the Priority Projects.   

2023 will be the year where the rubber hits the road. CRA 2030 invites partners from across society to join our existing Alliance of Peaks in realising the Shared Agenda, collaboratively developing the investment plan, and building the national capability needed to drive climate action in Australia. 

Together, Australian sectors can help shape a climate ready Australia, acting on economy-wide climate risks and opportunities. 

For more information, contact CRA 2030 Project Manager, Helen Elliott [email protected] 

Top image: Photo by Jaana Dielenberg