A strategically important new program is being developed which aims to advance wide-scale emission reduction and climate preparedness across Australian industries and communities, by supporting associations.

With their extensive membership and networks, associations reach into and influence every business, profession, and community across Australia.

Associations frequently have a strong desire to reduce climate emissions and vulnerabilities to climate risks. Despite their large reach, many associations have lean operating teams and can lack the internal resourcing and expertise: to advance climate action within their operations; and to guide their members to take action.  

Through practical resources and guidance, ClimateWise Association will help associations and their members to:

  • recognise and act on opportunities for action
  • adapt their strategies, business plans, investments in property and programs
  • leverage their collective power by engaging contractors and partners that understand climate risks and emission reduction opportunities in their supply chains and operations
  • amend their training, certification and award programs that influence members
  • collaborate with other climate-wise businesses and associations on the journey.

ClimateWise Associations has not yet launched. Funding to grow and staff the program is currently being sought from governments and philanthropists and to also enable associations to engage easily and free of charge. 

You can get an advanced peak at the website, to which many additional resources like guides, checklists and a rating tool will be added in coming months.

The Australian program and resources are being developed  by a team led by co-founders Helen Millicer and Gail Greatorex, drawing upon their expertise in associations, climate and emissions plus contributions from other expert sources in Australia and overseas.

Helen Millicer says a dozen Australian peak associations have been consulted in the developing the Australian program, including the National Retail Association, Australian Industry Group and Australian Council of Professions.

“Associations want clear ‘can do’ templates that they can easily tailor and integrate into their programs and advice to members. They also want examples from other similar associations and reputable, relevant information produced and presented by people expert in the realities faced by businesses and associations,” Ms Millicer said.

Griffith University’s Climate Ready Initiative (CRI) is supporting the development of ClimateWise Associations and is engaged in discussions to become the home of the program.  This would increase the support that CRI can provide to associations at all stages of their climate journeys and complements other CRI work such as the Climate Ready Australia 2030 project which is working with peak associations on cross-sectoral policy and project development.

ClimateWise Associations will provide a wide range of practical resources and tools that associations can use to support their members to take climate action.

Top Photo : There are over 4000 associations in Australia and they support buisnesses and communities across the country. Image by JarrahTree, Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.5 au